CEO’s Message

Korea Refractories Co., Ltd. aims to become the top tier company that achieves
growth as a refractories corporation and enhances customers’ competitiveness by
developing the best refractories technology as the “Leading Company”
in the refractories industry.

“ Value Creative beyond Best”

Welcome to the official website of Korea Refractories Co., Ltd.

Since its inception in 1973, Korea Refractories has produced and provided highest-quality refractories,
building the foundation for the nation’s basic industries including iron manufacturing, cement, glass,
petrochemicals, etc.

We have grown as a company specializing in refractories with a total service system ranging from
the manufacturing of shaped refractories and monolithic refractories and engineering of industrial furnace
to the design of facilities such as refractory linings, construction facilities, etc. and construction work and
supervision, serving as the best partner for various types of operation including the construction of
steel mill furnace and industrial furnace.

Korea Refractories will continue to develop new business by making inroads into the functional refractories
market and by developing advanced materials, thereby making a leap forward to become a global leading
player in refractories which helps the Korean iron and steel industry to unleash its infinite potential.

Thank you.

Byun Sung Hee

CEOs of Korea Refractories Co., Ltd